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NEVER ALONE ON HOLD offers  professional voice-over production and music for all media including telephone on hold messages, custom telephone voice mail, telephone mail box recordings
and call center prompts,
web videos, audio and visual commercialswith a choice of male, female
and/or celebrity and specialty voice talent.

Our equipment includes a diverse selection of affordable, digital telephone on hold and promotional announcers for marketing or broadcasting information via telephone plus we offer in store overhead music and messages.

We invite you to explore our site and listen to our samples.

Educate Your Callers      ♦      Increase Telephone Sales      ♦        Decrease Caller Hang-ups 
Script writing, Voice Mail, IVR Telephone Prompts
Female Male Voice Talent, Voiceover, Voice-over,radio commercials, TV, Website audio, Video
  • VOICE TALENT Take an audio stroll through some soothing samples ... listen 
  • PRODUCTIONS Your on hold message is like a radio program playing your ads only
  • CHARACTER VOICES We can provide a speciality, character or celebrity voice...listen
ON HOLD benefits, Increase Sales, why we use NEVER ALONE ON HOLD

MP3, Audio Files,small office equipment, On Hold Telephone Adapters, CD, Cassette tape, MPEG. Automated Answering machine
MP3, CLassical, Rock, Jazz, Mellow, Easy listening, Music
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Telephone Music & Message On Hold   ♦  Custom Voice Mail   ♦  Auto Attendant Recordings