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NEVER ALONE ON HOLD offers professional voice-over production and music for all media including telephone on hold messages, custom telephone voice mail, telephone mail box recordings and call center prompts, web videos, audio and visual commercials.

We offer a choice of male, female and/or celebrity and specialty voice talent.
Our equipment includes a diverse selection of affordable, digital telephone on hold and promotional announcers for marketing or broadcasting information via telephone plus we offer in store overhead music and messages.
Please explore our site and listen to our samples. We realize your business is diverse and unique so contact us now for a custom quote. 360-297-8893 or email

Educate Your Callers      ♦      Increase Telephone Sales      ♦        Decrease Caller Hang-ups 

SCRIPT WRITING We will create a sizzling script with your input. A carefully crafted message is imperative so your callers clearly understand your company's sales message.

CUSTOM VOICEMAIL Your message should reflect a professional image. We provide male or female  voiceover or we can record,edit and mix your voice with a memorable light music bed.

PHONE PROMPTS  Does your business sound upbeat or just "blah". Customize your IRV (auto attendant) greetings with a bright energetic sound. We also can update your existing on-hold recording

SAMPLES OF OUR WORK  Take an audio stroll through some soothing samples .
Never Alone On Hold provides male and female voice plus specialty, character or celebrity voices.

 Send us your digital pictures and we will create a web video. Make your website come alive with this inexpensive alternative to showcase a product or service you offer. Check out some of the samples.


ON HOLD ANNOUNCERS We offer equipment that includes a varied selection of digital on-hold and promotional announcers for marketing information to your customers.Simply the BEST equipment out in the marketplace and proudly made in the USA.

THE CALL HANDLER Swamped with too many calls and not enough people to answer? This programmable Auto Answering system covers three lines and can be day-parted for after hours and holidays announcments.The Call Handler has a built in On-Hold announcer.

SMALL OFFICE ON HOLD Finally an On Hold solution for small office systems. Even if you have just one line and want to the ability to place callers on hold to hear your marketing message, we can customize a system for you. Send us your specifics so we can match up your office phones to the proper equipment.
 Call 360-297-8893 or email for a quick reply.

FAQ Will this work on any phone system? Are there monthly fees? Do you customize messages for our company?

BENEFITS Here are some terrific reasons why your voice can be gently lifted over the din of your competitors the key to your continued healthy business success.

CLIENTS SAY IT BEST  Read the comments of our customers as they tell our story the best.  Hear some samples of what we have created for them.

Certain music can make waiting "on hold" seem shorter than it actually is. Read this interesting article; for instance, did you know men and women perceive wait times differently?

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Telephone Music & Message On Hold   ♦  Custom Voice Mail   ♦  Auto Attendant Recordings