Never Alone on Hold

Never Alone On Hold offers you professional voiceover production and licensed music for all media including music on hold messages, custom voice mail, mail box recordings and call center ( IVR) prompts with a choice of male, female and celebrity or specialty voice talent.

What do your customers hear while on hold?

Tell Your Business Story While Your Customers Are ON HOLD

Music On Hold Services



MOH replaces silence, radio or other sources of music when callers are placed on hold. With NEVER ALONE ON HOLD you control what they listen to while holding. Callers will appreciate hearing about items or services they might not even be aware of.


The custom mailbox recordings NAOH creates are memorable and impactful. We can create and record a greeting that everyone hears, or record a series of specific greetings that only certain clients hear. NAOH can even record greetings in one language…like English, and other greetings in a different language…Spanish for example.


Greet your caller with a professional voice mail message and liven up your voicemail mixed with music. Email us your script and we will do the rest. Send us your specific voicemail instructions for loading your phone system.


Give needed or often repeated information by self guiding callers to pre-recorded messages using your telephone IVR system. No more spending countless, hours trying to record announcements to make them sound just right. No more tying up your lines or wasting valuable employee time especially when a frustrated sounding voice greets your callers.

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