– 94% of all marketing budgets are spent to induce a customer to call and only 6% is spent to handle the call once it is received. (The Inbound Telephone Call Center)


– Nearly 1 in 5 callers made a purchase based on an offer they heard from an on hold advertisement. (MaxiMarketing)


– The average American business receives 128 calls a day.(AT&T)


– Executives wait 68 hours a year on hold. (USA TODAY)


– 7 out of 10 callers are placed on hold for an average of 43 seconds. That’s one hour per day or over 30 days per year.(Inbound/Outbound, AT&T)


– For every 10 callers who hang up 3 will not call back. (Voice Response, Inc.)


– Customers will wait for you 2 1/2 times longer with on hold advertising (Better Business Marketing)


– 9 out of 10 of callers prefer on-hold messaging to other options. (MaxiMarketing)


– On hold advertising reduces caller abandonment by almost 90% (Better Business Marketing)