Why should I use Messaging On Hold (MOH)?


When clients visit your business, you wouldn’t dare ask them to wait for you outside. Using ON HOLD is exactly like inviting your caller to sit in your reception area. Feed your callers like guests and serve up some nourishing information. The more they know about your business…the more they are apt to buy from you!


Is MOH like voice mail ?


No. MOH replaces silence, radio or other sources of music when callers are placed on hold. With NEVER ALONE ON HOLD you control what they listen to while holding. Callers will appreciate hearing about items or services they might not even be aware of.


What if we never put callers on hold?


How many times are callers told, “…hang on for just a second…” seconds feel like minutes to them. Use that captive hold time to educate, inform, entertain and sell to a caller on hold with a system from NEVER ALONE ON HOLD. The more they know about your business, the more they will buy.


Will On Hold equipment work on my Telephone system?


Yes. NEVER ALONE ON HOLD can provide the correct equipment whether you have a full system, VOIP or a single line. We offer the latest in digital announcers that can be loaded via the internet or the phone. Why not sound like a Fortune 500 company and put your best presentation out there.


Do I write and then record my own messages?


A custom script is written with your input by us and then we professionaly record your script. Think of ON HOLD as your own broadcast station… you own this “air” time. If you like we can record you and create a production.


Does the message start over everytime?


The production is always playing in a continous loop..in other words it does not start at the beginning every time.


Messages play about every 5-12 seconds with the music playing softly underneath and then we raise the music level slightly in between messages.


How many messages are in an ON HOLD production?


Typically a “Production” includes a loop of 6 or 7 messages. Now each of those individual message contains about 3 to 4 lines of copy Recordings equivalent of about 20-25 seconds per message.


Why does NEVER ALONE ON HOLD customize?


Every business is unique and a MOH message should reflect your individuality. We don’t cookie cut our work…our productions are tailor made from scripting to voice-over to final mixing.


Are there additional fees for services?


No monthly or recurring fees, no hidden charges or contracts as you own your equipment. After the initial purchase of a complete system, any additional billing occurs only for new messages.