On Hold Equipment

USB Equipment

Digital USB Announcer

Just plug your customized Never Alone on Hold USB drive right into your digital announcer. That’s it! Your message will play continuously. All productions are delivered via the internet.

Black and White keypad

Remote Load Announcer

No more dirty hands in the telephone equipment room. We will load your message directly into the remote load digital announcer via the phone and change your message immediately via touch tones.

Call Handler 6000 Machine

Line Call Handler

The Call Handler 6000 is a solid state, local/remote programmable digital announcer that answers up to three incoming phone lines with promotional, screening, or night-answer messaging. It can also be used simultaneously for information on-hold.

4-Line Phone System W/ Cordless Extensions

Small Businesses Take Note!

You don’t need an expensive “brains box” in your telephone room for this system to work with our on-hold equipment



If you have a phone system that does NOT have a PBX or Standalone key system ( Computer box) we can design an ON HOLD system for you. It doesn’t matter if you have one line or four corded or cordless phones.


Advertise your products or services on hold without blowing your budget on expensive upgrades to KEY or PBX phone systems.


We offer telephone on hold modules that allow you to use your on hold button so your callers can hear your products and services with a custom production via a digital ON HOLD announcer.


We can provide the correct ON HOLD module and ON HOLD player for your phone by following these steps:


1) Please identify your phone by make and model ( usually you can find the info on the bottom of the phone)


2) CLICK HERE to find adapter matching your phone model and just to the right you will find your model number of the adapter.


3) Pick the type of ON HOLD ANNOUNCER you would like (see above) and then contact us for a custom quote.


Let us know which adapter and digital announcer you need and we can start the process. Level the playing field and sound like the professional company you are.